5 Tips for Labor Day Entertaining (Outside Your Own Home)

5 Tips for labor day entertaining


If there’s one thing that Roma’s is good at, it’s entertaining. As Italians, we love to welcome our homes (and our hearts) to family and friends and give them the gift of a home cooked meal. However, as you know with Labor Day weekend approaching, not all gatherings are on your “turf”, but knowing us, and probably you, that’s never a reason to not meet taste expectations! Here’s are our top 5 tips to help “nail” your next get-together— regardless of the venue!

  1. Understand the landscape. What’s one of the most important features of a property? “Location, location, location!” By knowing the limitations of venue, you can set your expectations with what you can realistically do in that in that space (and you can assume what will happen to the food you’re brining as well). Things to know-before-you-go:
    1. Temperature of location (inside, outside?)
    2. Will you have access to an oven or microwave, if needed?
    3. Will you have access to an outlet, if you need to plug something in?
    4. Will you have access to a refrigerator, if needed?
  2. The delivery. One of the most stressful aspects of bringing an item— is bringing it there. Our pro tip: boxes. Regardless the size of the serving dish, a sturdy cardboard box will help ensure a safe delivery. In a pinch for a box? Stop at your local wine store!
  3. Delivery Part 2. Now that you’ve got there, how’s your food getting to their plate? One of the most forgotten items is the serving utensil. Unless you’ve coordinated with the host beforehand, don’t assume that they have one for you!
  4. Clean-Up. Another thing not to assume? That you’ll be able to clean your dish prior to leaving. The best solution is bringing something that is disposable (or that you can part with). However, if you’re using one of your favorite dishes, think about the easiest exit strategy = come with a sturdy plastic bag that you can tie up your dirty dish in.
  5. Save yourself the stress all together. Yes, you read that right. You can avoid steps 1-4 by simply placing an order ahead a time at Roma’s! We are open all weekend to ensure your last minute holiday needs are met! Check out our catering menus here!

We hope you have a happy and safe Labor Day Weekend!

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