EVOO or the Other Stuff?

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We live in a world with abundant choices. Perhaps, too many. The same goes for olive oil. There’s so many different brands, with different labels, and then there’s the decision of Extra Virgin or Regular. What does it all mean? Isn’t olive oil, olive oil? No. Not for this one. We’re firm believers that the type of olive oil you use can make or break a meal.

The first thing you should know is that are there two major differences in olive oil: refined and unrefined, or in other words: “Extra Virgin Olive Oil” and “Regular Olive Oil”. One of the first things you may notice about the two is the color. EVOO (refined) is noticeably darker whereas Olive Oil (unrefined) is lighter. Why is that? It’s because EVOO is made from pure, cold-pressed olives and is treated to remove impurities, and the regular olive oil is a blend, including both processed and cold-pressed oils, and is left unrefined. What’s pressed in the bottle, stays in the bottle. What about all that “good stuff” that olive oil contains? In the process of refining the EVOO, some of those healthy antioxidants are removed, that’s why it’s best to always have a bottle of each in your kitchen.

So, what to cook with? It’s about preference. Experts say to have both versions in hand when cooking as you may not taste the richness of EVOO in the prepared meal, and to use the better stuff to finish dishes or to use as dips. However, yet again, it’s personal preference. We’ve cooked with both, we enjoy both. We enjoy the food prepared with EVOO just a little bit more.

Tell us: which type of olive oil do you cook with?

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