12 Dishes of Christmas

Nothing says, “it’s the holidays!” like your favorite homemade dishes. We’re talking about the honest-to-goodness meals you ate growing up, always looked forward to coming home for and, now, what you pass along with your family traditions. We’re sure you already to know this, but at Roma, two of our favorite things are family and food. Everyday we share our homemade recipes with you, so we want to see yours!

Now through December 23rd we are asking our fans to Private Message us, on Facebook, their favorite Italian recipes. If social media isn’t your forte, no worries, we will have a recipe jar located at our deli counter at our Latham location for your submittal.

The tasty holiday cheer doesn’t end there! Once we’ve collected all the recipes and selected the ones that we will feature online and in-store, we will make a “fan”ily-inspired cookbook available as a gift to our loyal patrons in early January 2015.

Have questions? Message us on Facebook or call. We look forward to seeing all your recipes!

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Meet Frank— The Man Behind The Meat

Roma Foods is like no deli that many have ever encountered. As you walk in, you immediately feel a sense of family; you feel its heartbeat, dedication and see its patron loyalty. In a world where convenience usually outweighs quality, Roma Foods is at the pinnacle, by offering only the best products, service and taste. Frank Bolognino, the proud, eldest brother of four, whom all have a hand in both locations, had something to do with that.

“I took over the location in 1974 after my father died. I was 20 years old and no idea how to run the business, it was a lot of trial and error, but I think we turned out alright.” Although Frank and his brothers grew up in Roma Foods, being the newly appointed owner definitely resulted in a learning curve. “I played on boxes, when I was real young, and worked the counter when I was fifteen, but beyond that, I had no real ownership experience, I was a kid. I dropped out of college to come home and take care of the family business.”

Frank is loyal— he believes in his business, his devoted patrons and his family, who inspired his love of it all before he even realized it. His passion for excellent, authentic Italian cuisine started when he was just a child. “We would go to my grandmother’s house quite often, she lived on a farm and we had fresh meat and handmade pasta.” He smiled as he recalled a lesson he learned soon after he took over his father’s business, when a customer reminded him that quality always prevails no matter the cost. To this day, Frank only sells and serves the best foods at both the Latham and Saratoga locations.

In an industry where competition keeps cropping up, Frank has learned that the hard work and time that he has invested into Roma is well worth it. “It’s extremely rewarding to be my own boss, having the respect of the community, building a reputation— it’s my life, I’ve been doing it for 40 years.” As for his goals for Roma Foods, he just wants to keep going and making people as happy as possible, with no plans for retirement any time soon. His advice for anyone planning on opening a deli— “Be prepared to work tough and long hours, not enjoy your holidays, but know that it’s all worth it in end!”

Roma Foods has two locations both in Latham, NY at 9 Cobbee Road, Latham, NY 12110 and in Saratoga Springs at 222 Washington Street, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866. You can order over the phone, check out their menus or learn more at www.romafoods.com.



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The Best Advice You’ll Ever Get From Your Butcher

Butcher Albany NYWant to know a secret? Not all butchers are the same. Quality, years of expertise and a fundamental love for meat vary by shop or counter you may visit. While you sometimes may opt for the most convenient selection, you will find it pays to go the extra mile and visit a butcher who cares about what you’re taking home for dinner. From industry tips to trade secrets, here’s the best advice you’ll ever get from your butcher.

  1. There’s NO difference in taste between previously frozen and fresh meat! *Gasp* Haven’t you ever heard that a freezer is a busy cook’s best friend? We have too, that’s why we recommend that you purchase meat close (within a couple days) of cooking it, and if that’s not an option, freeze it! Simply remove it from the butcher paper, wrap in plastic wrap and then aluminum foil and store to your heart’s content— however, it’s best for taste and meat consistency if your cuts are consumed within a month!
  2. You can save money with unconventional cuts. While we can all list off the usual suspects on a steakhouse’s menu, there are plenty of other cuts that are delicious and cost effective. Try skirt steak or tenderloin tips, or next time ask your butcher about the “oyster steak” —an economical option they’ll be sure to recommend.
  3. You can ask for specific meat preparations. We truly aim to please and that’s why we encourage our customers to ask us to prepare their meat the way they’d like. While we won’t go to your house and cook it for you, we are happy to debone, trim, butterfly, break down poultry, tie hams or roast beef— at no charge to you.
  4. Just because it’s discounted doesn’t mean it’s about to go bad. There’s a rumor that’s been going around for some time that discounted meats should be avoided. The truth is that if you see a sale, it’s because we got a deal from our vendor and we simply wanted to pass along the savings!
  5. Yes, we’ll admit it; regular customers do get special treatment. While we treat every customer with respect and with professionalism, if we see you on the regular, we are more apt to do favors for you. Whether it is giving you the heads up on weekly specials, taking call-in orders ahead of time or knowing your meat preferences, we remember you and your orders— so come in frequently!
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Great ready for Memorial Day at Roma Foods!

Roma Foods has everything you need for a great Memorial Day!

If you have questions about our Memorial Day specials, call us at 518-785-7746 (our Latham store) or 518-587-6004 (Saratoga store). Additional information about both stores can be found on our website at www.romafoods.com.


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Roma’s Natural Meat- No Beef Recall Here!

The staff at Roma Foods were shocked when we heard about last month’s beef recall and wanted to use this opportunity to tell our fans more about our natural meat products and the farms that they come from.


Recently, a food company in northern California recalled more than 8.7 million pounds of beef products because it processed diseased and unhealthy animals. That’s almost a year’s worth of beef! While this statistic is scary, we weren’t worried as we know a lot about the farm that our all-natural meats come from. Before we go into taking about our natural meat, let’s define what the term “natural meat” means. The all-natural meats we carry at Roma Foods are:

  • Free of antibiotics.
  • Free of added hormones.
  • Free of steroids.
  • 100% vegetarian, corn-based diet fed to animals.
  • Midwest-fed cattle.
  • A proud product of the USA.

Our natural meats come from locally owned, US farmers from the Midwest through a farm called Naturewell. The Naturewell facilities that process the meat routinely test their product to ensure the promise of no antibiotics or added hormones. As an additional safety measure, their certified feeding facilities are regularly monitored and audited by third party auditors. When the meat begins to be processed, it happens in state-of the-art processing facilities. Unlike other farms, Naturewell owns and operates their facility, so they’re able to retain complete control, ensuring their quality control requirements are consistently met.


Naturewell exceeds the USDA’s certification for “natural meat”– absolutely no chemicals, “natural additives” or water is added to the meat during processing. Additionally, their cattle are fed a natural diet without added hormones or antibiotics. The cattle typically receive a high-energy, corn or grain based diet supplemented with roughage, usually ground grass hay.

All these quality checks ensure that Roma customers get the highest quality and healthiest meats in the Capital Region. Stop into Roma Food’s Latham location, located at 9 Cobbee Road, to talk to our butchers about the natural meats we carry!

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The Ultimate Super Bowl Party Starts at Roma Foods!

HAPPY NEW YEAR ROMA FANS!  Where did 2013 go? It’s hard to believe that another year has passed by us in a blur! Despite how the time flies, we want to take a moment to say THANK YOU to all of our loyal customers. Thank you for continuing to patronize our business and allow us to be a part of your lives. Nothing brings us more joy than helping you prepare a wonderful meal for your family.


On a more serious note…THE SUPER BOWL! The Broncos, Seahawks, 49ers, Colts? Who are you hoping will make it? The big game will be played not far from our own hometown and we can’t wait to hear the stories about those from the Capital Region who made the trek to the game! For those of you who can’t make it to see the live game, we are here to help you prepare for the PERFECT Super Bowl party!

We have hand-picked specials for the big game that will be sure to please everyone at your party. Starting Monday, January 27th through the Super Bowl on February 2nd, Roma Foods will be running the following specials to help make your Super Bowl easy, delicious and fun!

  • Party Subs: $10.00 Off All Party Subs, 3-6 feet long, $5.00 off 2 foot subs!
  • Chef Paul’s Famous Pulled Pork: $4.99lb
  • Buffalo Wings: Bone-in or Boneless, any style, $3.99lb
  • All Natural Beef Chili: $5.00 Quart
  • Baby Back Ribs: $3.49lb
  • All Natural Philly Steak: $4.99lb
  • Little Neck Clams: $64.95 half bushel or $3.99 per dozen

As always, our suppliers like National Beef, Murray’s All-Natural Chicken and Indiana Kitchen Supplies are committed to raising animals that are treated ethically and humanely, without the use of antibiotics, steroids or chemicals. In fact, we are one of the largest all-natural meats and poultry suppliers in the Capital Region!


For those of you who don’t want to cook so you can focus all your energy on the game, let us do the cooking! Our catering services provide prepare platters of cold cuts, pasta salads, green salads and all the other fixings you need! We offer a wide selection of prepared hot and cold dishes such as chicken dishes, antipasto and more are available for your convenience. See our catering menu here! However, as we don’t want you to feel limited to what you see on our menu, we have Chef Paul waiting in the wings to prepare whatever your party needs are. This includes specialty dishes like chicken teriyaki, crab cakes, pork chops, and much more. If you need help putting together a menu for your Super Bowl party, stop into Roma and we can assist you.

If you have questions about our Super Bowl specials, call us at 518-785-7480 (our Latham store) or 518-587-6004 (Saratoga store). Additional information about both stores can be found on our website at www.romafoods.com.

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Custom Menu and Cooking for Thanksgiving by Roma Foods!

At Roma Foods, Thanksgiving is more than just another holiday. For us, it is an opportunity to share a meal together while reflecting on the things we are grateful for in life. With a large meal being the focus of most Thanksgiving celebrations, Roma Foods goes above and beyond to help our customers make preparations for the big meal and, in many cases, do the cooking!


We aren’t kidding when we say we will do the cooking for you! We can literally cook an entire Thanksgiving feast for you and your family that will serve between 6 and 20 people! Roma’s own in-house cooking expert, Chef Paul, has been helping customers with Thanksgiving dinner for years and this year, he’s offering several options to help customers prepare for Turkey Day! He’s cooking a full turkey dinner with Jaindl fresh turkey, stuffing, your choice of potato and/or vegetable, even a choice of a fresh Mourningkill Farms pie for one low cost!

Our dinner options for this Thanksgiving include a turkey, your choice of garlic mash/roasted/mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, corn or zucchini squash medley, cranberry sauce and your choice of apple or pumpkin Mourningkill Farms pie.

  • Dinner for 6-10 people: $119.95- this option includes a 12-14 pound turkey and all the fixings.
  • Dinner for 10-15 people: $159.95- this includes an 18-20 pound turkey, all the fixings and 2 pies.
  • Dinner for 15-20 people: $199.95- this includes a 22-24 pound turkey, all the fixings and 3 pies.

We need a minimum of THREE DAYS NOTICE to fulfill your request. This is very important.

While a traditional turkey dinner is a great way to celebrate the holidays, we like to help those who want to think “outside the box” for their holiday meal! To satisfy those needs, Roma carries a wide variety of Pastosa Ravioli that is the perfect alternative. Pastosa is a Brooklyn based company that uses top notch ingredients to create unique flavors. This third generation, family-owned and operated Italian specialty food company is widely recognized as the source of New York’s finest ravioli. Their ravioli stuffed with butternut squash, pumpkin or lobster would be the perfect centerpiece of your Thanksgiving dinner. For those that don’t like ravioli, Pastosa gnocchi is another option (especially when finished with a butter sage sauce!). If you need suggestions for your holiday dinner, the staff at Roma Foods can help you!


If you’re looking for something completely off the menu, we can help you put together a custom menu for your dinner. How about lasagna or even prime rib for Thanksgiving? Roma Foods catering services provide whatever you need with your imagination being the limit! Prepared hot and cold dishes such as chicken dishes, antipasto and more are available for your convenience. Of course, no holiday is complete without dessert and we have you covered in that area with our special, seasonal treats! Italian Chocolates, Panettone, Paneforte, Amaretti, and Torrone are back at Roma Foods.


If you have any questions for Chef Paul about Thanksgiving dinner or to place an order at our Albany, NY store, please contact us at 518-785-7480 or visit our website at romafoods.com.

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Football Season = Roma Foods to the Rescue!

While we are sad to see summer come to a close at Roma Foods, we look forward to the change of season to fall. Because fall means one very important thing…FOOTBALL!


Football games, whether you’re tailgating at the Giants game or watching the game with friends at home, are a great opportunity to bring everyone together, eat good food and watch New York teams DOMINATE (we hope!). As always, Roma Foods can help with all your football party needs.

When planning for those weekly football gathers, let us do the cooking so you can kick back and enjoy the game. For those who want to have a perfect celebration but don’t feel like doing all the cooking, we can help you with that as well. Roma Foods catering services provide prepare platters of cold cuts, pasta salads, green salads and all the other fixings you need! Prepared hot and cold dishes such as chicken dishes, antipasto and more are available for your convenience. Our over-sized party subs, always a favorite at any party, are available in various sizes ranging from 3ft to 6 ft! See our catering menu here!


In the mood for something that isn’t on the menu? Along with the staple favorites such as his sauces, soups and daily dinner specials, Roma Food’s in-house chef, Chef Paul, regularly prepares unconventional dishes at the special request of customers. Chef Paul has prepared Chinese, French, Asian cuisine and more for customers to suit their specific catering requests. Chef Paul loves to get creative in the kitchen.

If you do feel like cooking, Roma Foods has everything you need for the party all under one roof! Roma Foods is proud to offer a full selection of the finest all-natural meats and poultry sold anywhere in the Capital Region. Our suppliers like National Beef, Murray’s All-Natural Chicken and Indiana Kitchen Supplies are committed to raising animals that are treated ethically and humanely, without the use of antibiotics, steroids or chemicals. We firmly believe that eating well is part of living well and have the overall wellness of our customers in mind as we debate what high quality meats to carry in our stores. This emphasis on wellness is why all of the meats we sell our customers are natural. And don’t forget about our selection of fresh seafood like shrimp and clams!

To learn more about our catering or place your order, call us at 518-785-7480 (our Latham store) or 518-587-6004 (Saratoga store).

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Meet our New Guy: Paul the Butcher!

At Roma Foods, we pride ourselves on that great staff we have working with our customers; we know it is our staff that makes Roma Foods great! We want to use this blog to introduce our fans to Paul, our new butcher at our Latham, NY Roma Foods location. With a long and rich history in the butcher business, we are proud to add Paul to our team Read on to learn more!


Where are you from? Do you have a family and children?

I grew up in Amsterdam, NY and I currently live in Mayfield. I love living in the Adirondacks. And yes, my wife and I have a very large family. Between us, we have 8 kids total. Let’s just say there’s never a dull moment!

How did you get your start in the butcher business?

My father was a butcher so I’ve been in the industry as long as I can remember, for about 29 years.


What do you enjoy most about being a butcher?

As cliche as it sounds, you meet so many nice people! I love working with food and having people share recipes with me.

What did you do before Roma?

I worked for Hannaford for 24 years and eventually got tired of working for a corporate company. After leaving Hannaford, I began to work at the Roma Saratoga store. Over the 2 years I worked at Roma, I grew very close with the Bolognino brothers and eventually became full time here at the Latham this past April.

What are some fun facts/hobbies?

I live in the Adirondacks so I really enjoy being in the outdoors. Hiking and enjoying the lake are a few of my favorites.

We are excited to have Paul join our Latham team and are looking forward to the work he will do with Chef Paul and other Roma staff to enhance customer experience. Stop in to Roma Food in Latham, NY today to try some of the new additions to the Roma Meat Department!

• Marinated Beef & Chicken Kabobs

• Cheese Stuffed Steak Burgers

• St. Louis Style Pork Ribs

• White Eagle Products




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Video: How to Make Fresh Mozzarella Cheese at Roma Food

At Roma Foods, we love to share the joys of cooking with our customers. There are few things in life that are more satisfying than starting with raw ingredients and finishing with a delicious finished meal.


What some of our loyal customers may not know is that Roma Foods makes all of our own fresh mozzarella cheese in house. This has been a tradition for the over 60 years since Roma Foods has been in business. While the process to make cheese may seem very intimidating, it is quite simple and a lot of fun (although, it does take a lifetime to master!). In fact, the process of making mozzarella cheese can be an activity that the whole family can get in on! All the ingredients you need can be found at Roma Foods, including the key ingredient, mozzarella curd. Cheese for homemade pizzas, Armenian string cheese, bocconcini for caprese salad and sheets of cheese to stuff with sopressata are just a few, and DELICIOUS, uses for fresh mozzarella!

Ready to start making your own fresh mozzarella cheese? Watch the video below to learn the art of mozzarella cheese making from Frank Bolognino, Owner of Roma Foods Importing in Latham and Saratoga, NY. In the video, Frank takes you through the detailed steps of making fresh mozzarella!

Click here to watch the video!

Looking for a recipe to use your fresh mozzarella in?  Fresh mozzarella makes the perfect addition to Roma’s antipasto recipe! All the ingredients for this can be found at either Roma Foods store location!


If you have any questions about making your own homemade mozzarella cheese, please contact us at 518-785-7480 or visit our Latham, New York location at 9 Cobbee Road!

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