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How to Season a Cast Iron Skillet

A cast iron skillet is arguably one of the most versatile kitchen accompaniments. Oven-safe AND stovetop safe, these bad boys make cooking a breeze— That is, once they’re properly seasoned. A cast iron skillet is nearly useless without a good initial seasoning, and unless you purchase a pre-seasoned skillet, you’re on your own. Sounds intimidating, […]

Roma’s Guide to Grilling Fish

It’s officially summer— and it’s high time you brought some fresh surf onto your turf. We’re here to help you become a master at grilling fish; a feat that might sound daunting. Fish isn’t known for being “easy” to grill, but with our tips on how to grill and, most importantly, WHAT to grill, you’ll […]

The Perfect Meal for a Backyard Bash

For vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike, when you think of summer foods, chances are you’re thinking of the delicious, seasonal fruits and veggies that come along with. There’s nothing wrong with giving up meat for a night– and with this tasty pairing you’ll WANT to give your meat up. Balsamic glazed portobello mushroom caps on the […]

How to Keep Your Produce Fresh Longer!

Keeping in theme with the exciting freshness of spring, we know you’re all aching to buy fresh produce. There’s absolutely nothing better than a fridge well-stocked with delicious, freshly picked fruits and vegetables. It’s enticing, bright, and offers boundless potential when figuring out what to make for dinner. The unfortunate thing about fresh produce is […]

The Scoop on Tahini

If you’ve ever come into Roma’s and browsed the shelves to take a mental inventory, you’ve probably noticed some pretty interesting items that you may have never heard of. Among these items one may have been tahini. Relatively high in protein, calcium and fiber and a great source of amino acids, tahini is used in a plethora of ways— everything from sauces to desserts.

Say “I Love You” — With Food

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and while the shelves are lined with infinite inspiration for gift ideas, some of us are looking for new ways to tell our loved ones that we care. So, how do we go about making this year’s Day of Hearts memorable and unique, without falling into the same old exhausting […]

How to Eat Healthy in the Dead of Winter

We’re all at that point—the dismal, midwinter blues are seeping in, along with the brutal cold. It’s tempting to run for cover, taking shelter in our favorite comfort dishes that have less-than-favorable consequences on our diets (which, if you’re like us, are a New Year’s resolution that we’re this close to scrapping). Fret not— contrary […]