Easy Meatless Meals

Roma 02.24

Whether you’re observing Lent (March 1st through April 13th this year) or just want to experiment with options for meat-free meals, Roma’s can help. We proudly carry the freshest produce and seafood selection in the area— which means your dishes will be healthy and oh-so-flavorful. Planning meatless meals is a fun way to spice things up in your kitchen, and you can still get all of the nutrients you need from a meal that doesn’t have meat. Though many choose to eat seafood during Lent, there are just as many meal options that don’t include seafood. Here are a few of our ideas for meatless meals that you can make at home:

– Soups and chilis made with beans or squash
– Eggplant parmesan (Also sold pre-made at Roma’s!)
– Shrimp scampi
– Linguini with clam sauce
– Clam chowder: Make a meatless version like this one from Food Network.
– A big salad packed with all of your favorite (non-meat) toppings
– Grilled fish with a side of grilled vegetables (it’s asparagus season!)
– Pasta dishes with meatless marinara or alfredo sauce
– Grilled cheese sandwiches: Super quick and easy if you’re in a pinch, and you can use as many different kinds of cheese as you’d like. Muenster makes a great grilled cheese.

If you’re concerned about your protein intake throughout the course of Lent, experiment with protein-rich grains and legumes in your recipes, and be sure to incorporate seafood where possible. There are plenty of plant-based protein sources that will help supplement the protein you get from seafood, so you can stay healthy and energized during Lent.

Be sure to chat with our staff if you need any assistance finding what you need in the store (or if you need more meatless meal ideas!). And if you encounter a Friday where you just don’t feel like cooking, call ahead and place an order for our Lenten specials!

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