How to Eat Healthy in 2017


Like many other people this year, your resolutions for 2017 may include slight or dramatic changes to your diet. Whether you’re changing it completely by choosing leaner meats, lowering sugar intake, curbing your carbs, or any number of other aspects, or just trying to choose healthier items to incorporate into your meals, Roma’s has a few tips to help you stick to your resolutions without faltering.


If your resolution is to:

Eat leaner meat or build muscle:

Swing by our Butcher Shop— the options are endless. We have an abundance of lean meats, fish, and the freshest seafood you’ll find in the Capital Region— protein-packed and rich in nutrients to help you build muscle, yet healthy enough that you can eat it at least a few times a week (if not every day). We’d be happy to help with suggestions for healthy preparations, too!


Eat more vegetables:

There are so many different kinds of veggies that you can incorporate into your recipes. Spinach, though common, is one of our favorites, as it’s easy to toss into anything and wilts down quite a bit, so you can use a lot of it without realizing it (a good thing, in this case!). If you want to try something a little different, pick up a couple of beets or rutabagas! Experiment with various vegetables and different cooking methods to get you excited about eating them! Grab some of our imported EVOO and some fresh produce and roast or fry them! Another great way to incorporate more green is to serve your protein on a bed of fresh spinach, kale, or romaine— that way, you can get a little bit healthier with every bite!


Choose healthier sides:

Try grains like quinoa and farro, various kinds of rice, or even creating your own “rice” by finely chopping (or ricing) cauliflower! Healthy grains don’t have to be bland or difficult to find if you know the best ways to navigate the healthy grain alternatives.


Try new things:

There are so many healthy ingredients that you can incorporate into your meal plans if you’re looking to give something new a try. For example, tahini (sesame seed paste) is a great condiment for various dishes. It tastes wonderful with Mediterranean food— we love dipping our falafel in it! There are plenty of other ways that you can incorporate it— even if it’s just by adding some seasonings and using it to top your salads. Google a few recipes before you stop in, or ask one of our staff about uses for any ingredient in our store! We’d be happy to help you meet your goals.


General tips:

  • Create a meal plan at the beginning of the week (or even the week beforehand).
  • Once you find a number of recipes that you enjoy, create grocery lists for each recipe in a word file so that you can just copy and paste the ingredients list into your shopping list when you’re ready to have it again— that way, you don’t have to hunt through and type out handwritten lists over and over again!
  • If you’re trying to eat healthier in general, don’t look at it as a punishment to yourself. If you start viewing things as off-limits, you’ll feel more negatively about not eating those items. Instead, try to change your mindset about the item— “I shouldn’t”, as opposed to an “I can’t”.
  • Put your healthier grab & go foods within eye level in your refrigerator so that they’re the first thing you’re confronted with when you open it— that way, your goals are always being reinforced!

We’re proud to offer delicious solutions to any diet constraint. We wish you the best of luck with all of your New Year’s Resolutions and look forward to helping you accomplish them in any way we can!