How to Get Rid of the Smell After Cooking Fish

Roma 03.2017

Cooking is a wonderful hobby that yields delicious results. Everyone wins— except for when the odor of whatever you cooked lingers for longer than you bargained for. If you’re observing Lent, you might be cooking a lot more fish and seafood than you would on a normal basis. Don’t worry– even if you’re observing the tradition, your home doesn’t have to let on. Read on for a few of our tips on how to get rid of the fishy smell and enjoy your seafood meal even more than you already do.

Open the Windows:
Give the gross smells a place to escape. It also helps to keep the fan over the stove on, if you have one!

Brew Some Coffee:
Just like when you smell cologne at a department store, where they conveniently keep coffee beans on hand to cleanse your nostrils, coffee can help to wipe the smell of fish out of your kitchen. It’s a pleasant aroma that will mask the not-so-pleasant ones, without overpowering or creating funky smells in the process.

Keep a bowl of vinegar on the stove once you’ve finished cooking to absorb the smell. This is an easy and natural way to get the smell out, but it helps if you like the smell of vinegar (at least, more so than the smell of fish!).

Candles and Air Fresheners:
Burning candles or spraying an aromatic air freshener is a quick way to get the fishy smell out of the kitchen or dining room without having to wait very long. Just make sure none of your guests (if you’re entertaining) have adverse reactions to the strong floral or fruity smells!

Get the Grill Out…
You know how we love grilling… If you’re really quite opposed to having the smell of fish indoors, the easiest way to avoid it is to cook outside. There are plenty of fish and seafood options that cook well on the grill (read one of our other blogs on the best grilling fish here!).