Tips to Ensure ‘Super Sunday’ is Super

If you’re like us, you love football. So how can we combine forces to ensure that your Super Bowl Party is, well, super? We’ll tell you. 

  1. Don’t wait until last minute. This seems like a no-brainer, but it’s incredible how we completely forget the stress of executing our Super Bowl spreads. Start the house prep and place your catering order at least 72-hours (3 days) in advance (that’s by 6pm tomorrow!)
  2. Delegate. Don’t feel obligated to carry the team. Have guests bring items, out-source some of your appetizers— remember there’s no team in “i.”
  3. Free up space. Clear out space in your dishwasher and refrigerator and empty trash/recycling containers before guests arrive (in other words, make it easy for them to clean up after themselves). 
  4. Use what nature gave you. If you run out of cold storage space, think outside the house and store your insulated beverage coolers outside! 
  5. Contain the rest.  Have a stack of to-go containers ready for leftovers and clean up. 
  6. Have fun, it’s just a game!
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