Perfect Your Picnic

Roma 09.02

Regardless of the occasion, a picnic should be perfect, but with Labor Day coming up in a few days, we’re feeling extra inspired. While picnics are best when spontaneous, a little bit of planning can help tremendously in curating your picnicking experience and perfecting your day. With that in mind, we’ve pooled together a few of our favorite tips for pulling off your picnic effortlessly.

1. Decide on a location.

  • This may seem obvious, but there is hidden importance in finding the perfect location to have the perfect picnic. Think about who you will be with— if there are young children, somewhere close to a restroom is probably a good idea. If you’re looking to go on a romantic date with your significant other, perhaps you want to find somewhere a little bit more private.
  1. Decide on your menu
  • Choose seasonally-appropriate items that are fun, exciting, and, well, picnic-y. A peanut butter sandwich is easy to make, but if you eat them all the time, it might make the experience less pleasant than it could be— and it’s all about the experience. Sandwiches with cold cuts are a great option, and you can make them on-site to avoid soggy bread. Pack some fresh fruits and veggies and maybe a macaroni or potato salad, and you’re golden.
  1. Pack up
  • Whether you’re using a real, old-fashioned picnic basket or decide instead to tote a cooler or insulated bag, just be sure that everything will fit with ease.
  • To save yourself the trouble of dealing with flies and bees, we recommend packing the food in containers that have lids so that you can cover them up easily while you’re not using them.
  • If you have the capacity, bring real plates and silverware— they will make for a wonderful, special dining experience, especially if your mission is a romantic date. However, plastic plates, bowls, and cutlery are much simpler because you can simply toss them after your meal. Bonus points for using the biodegradable kind.
  • Don’t forget a blanket if your location of choice doesn’t have picnic tables readily available; and on a windy day, you may also need a few heavier items to weigh down the corners!
  1. Make it fun
  • Pack a couple of lawn games, or plan the picnic around sunset so that you can enjoy a relaxing moment with your loved ones.
  1. Phones and electronics away.
  • Encourage your party to put their cell phones and other electronic devices away, and focus on each other. It will make the experience much more enjoyable and memorable— even if your kids are reluctant to cooperate at the time! Allow a little bit of time to snap a few photos of the picnic if you’re feeling sentimental and want to share the experience with others in the future.

    Picnic season is nearing an end, so be sure to take advantage while you still can. Don’t forget that our friendly staff is always happy to make a few suggestions on our favorite picnic foods the next time you stop in!