Roma’s Halloween Hacks

It seems as if every year, we find ourselves in a Halloween pinch. The spooky holiday comes creeping up on us and before we know it, it’s hit us and we’re just about completely unprepared. This year, don’t let Halloween get the best of you! We’ve come up with a few Halloween hacks for two the most important parts of Halloween (food and decorations!) that you can do up in the weeks, days, and even minutes leading up to the big treat.


Food is arguably the most important part of any holiday. While Halloween draws up dreams of candy, some of us want to eat “real” food— and that’s where we’ve come in, with these delicious, time-saving tips:


  1. Breakfast: If you’ve got kids (or if you just LOVE Halloween), it’s been a highly anticipated day all year long. If you’re one of those parents who likes to make the holiday just a little bit more special, you might want to whip up a tasty themed breakfast before sending kids off to school in their costumes. We highly recommend pumpkin pancakes— you can even go so far as to stuff a plain pancake up with your kid’s favorite Halloween candies or some fun spooky sprinkles!
  2. Lunch: Whip up a few personal jack-o-lantern shaped pizzas. Whether they’re for you or to send along with your child for lunchtime, these little pizzas are sure to be a big hit. You can get dough, sauce, cheese, and any spooky toppings (black olives make great eyes!) right here at Roma’s.
  3. Dinner: Halloween happens to fall on a Monday this year— which means you can swing by and grab a few Roma’s weeknight dinners to go! They might not be in theme, but they’ll definitely save you more than a few minutes of precious time as you’re frantically putting last-minute Halloween costume pieces together (we’ve all been there!).


You can turn just about anything into a Halloween decoration with a little creativity! Here are a few of our favorite ideas— and you can make any one of these from the packaging of some of your favorite Roma’s products!


  1. Turn your olive oil tins into Frankenstein heads
  2. Take your empty sauce jars, a paint brush, glue, orange tissue paper, and some black construction paper and turn the jars into little Jack O’ Lanterns.
  3. Cut your empty egg carton into sections of 3 holders and paint them black, glue a pair of googly eyes to the side of the center holder and a ribbon onto the top of the center holder— they make adorable little hanging bats.
  4. Clean out your empty milk jug, put a set of eyes and a mouth on one side with a black permanent marker, stuff a set of white string lights into it, and voila— you’ve got yourself a little ghost lantern! Bonus points if you can create a set to line your front walkway.

We hope you have a happy, spooky, terrific Halloween, and as always, we look forward to seeing you the next time you stop in. Until next time!