Watermelon Cucumber Caprese Salad

    Whether you are going to a Fourth of July party, or hosting yourself, figuring out what to bring can be pretty tough! Want something fun, fruity, tasty, and best of all EASY! Try out our recipe for watermelon cucumber caprese salad! As always, you are sure to find all of the ingredients at our locations. Let us know how you liked it, and be sure to send us in YOUR favorite recipes too!




3 ¼  cups of watermelon

2 ¼ cups of cucumber

¼ cup of extra virgin olive oil 

Salt & Pepper

½ cup of mint leaves

¾  cup of feta




  1. Start by cutting your watermelon into smaller cubes
  2. Chop your cucumber into four halves
  3. Take a large mixing bowl and put in your watermelon and cucumbers first. Next toss in your olive oil and feta cheese. 
  4. Top with salt and pepper to taste.
  5. Put in the refrigerator. Right before you are ready to serve, add your mint leaves and enjoy!

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