Garlicky Hummus

Hummus is versatile and incredibly easy to make, yet it rarely comes top of mind when you’re in search of a protein-packed meat alternative at home. We’re hoping this recipe changes things once you see how you can make your own hummus in just minutes. 



– 1 can of chickpeas

– ¼ – ½ c. of lemon juice

– salt 

– ¼ c. tahini (we carry a few varieties such as Krinos here!) 

– ½ tbsp cumin

– 3-4 tbsp of EVOO

– 4 garlic cloves

– 3-4 tbsp of water 

Food processor



  • Roughly chop garlic 
  • Add garlic, tahini, EVOO, salt, and cumin and blend 
  • Add half a can of chickpeas and ¼ c. of lemon juice
  • Scrape down sides and add the remaining half can of chickpeas 
  • Based on how dense the mixture is, add in about 3 tablespoons of water and blend again
  • You can rotate between adding EVOO, water, and lemon juice, depending on taste, until you get your desired hummus consistency. The more liquid you add, the more creamy consistency you will receive.
  • Empty mixture into a small serving bowl. Garnish with cumin and EVOO.
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