The Bolognino Family goal is to present their customers with only the finest quality foods from around the globe at the most reasonable prices possible. Courteous, knowledgeable, and most importantly friendly service mark the tradition at Roma Foods Importing Company. Customer satisfaction is the Bolognino inspiration!

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TU Best Of Region 2014 Poll Winner

"I remember when the store was on Rt. 9. It was big treat back then for my parents taking us there getting fresh delicious cold cuts every Saturday, and the smell of cheeses hanging was an amazing smell Now we continue this tradition my parents started, been customers since we started our family, with 3 sons that go there especially for the subs, and clams.

Great family, very friendly and when the grandkids go with me always asks for slice of cheese.
Thank you for all your hard work to keep your family business going. "

-- Sincerely, The Austin Family